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Digital Art In Beijing

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Finding Common Ground

– 2008 Common Ground –

Merging Art and Digital Media for a Healthy Planet

The 2008 Common Ground International Touring Collection, with original works of digital art selected from over 1,000 artists in over 40 countries will premier in Beijing at the Huan Tie Art Museum on Sunday.

“Earth is our common ground. We may be divided by borders, language and cultural identity, but we still share the same water, the same air, the same plants, and the same common ground that sustains, protects and feeds us all on this planet,” said Larry Richard, the founder of Common Ground, an art platform which intends to focus global attention for environmental awareness through a unique multi-culture collection of digital art.

An international community of artists uses the expressive language they know best, visual art and design, to demonstrate their concern for the fate of the earth.

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Welcome to Ad Mag

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Art Digital Magazine

An Online Forum For The Fine Art, Digital Experience

AD Mag is an online magazine documenting the artistic and technical developments of artists that work exclusively in the digital realm, as well as those creative persons who fall into the TADAE fine art subset.  With the mission of this magazine|blog being to present an accurate representation of the professional aspects still emerging in these fields — particularly as it relates to private and institutional collectors.

This site is moderated by autodidact artist|inventor Max Eternity, who currently lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Collecting Digital Prints

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Collecting Digital Prints

A Guide To Digital Print Provenance

by Max Eternity

Within the fine art field of digital print collecting there exist a large vacuum. It is the great empty space that concerns the nomenclature of digital print provenance. Which is to say, that beyond identifying digital prints with the commonly used, and very broad terms of Gicleè and/or Inkjet, terms which only indicate the use of digital hardware and not virtual plate originality and/or issuing protocol, there has yet to take root a simple, yet uniform classification and identification system that provides private and institutional collectors the essential hallmarks of provenance for each and every digital print that has been or is to be created. This is a problem, a real problem. And yet, the reality is that digital prints, like cell phones, laptops and the Internet, are nothing more than a mirror reflection of today’s increasingly, digital world. In short, digital prints are the manifest confluence of artistic ingenuity and current, medium availability. They represent an new, exciting commercially viable, fine art form that continues to grow each and every day. Digital prints are a natural evolution of print potentiality; reflecting the influence of the digital aesthetic in everyday life. View and download the “Collecting Digital Prints” white paper here.


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Traditional And Digital Artist Engineer

In This New Age of Art and Technology, New Language Is Required

TADAE (pronounced: Today) is an acronym, which stands for Traditional And Digital Artist Engineer. It is a term coined by Max Eternity, an American polymath. This terminology is being put forth to be used when describing a creative, meme subset of individuals who informally embody a recent proliferation of innovative intellectualist, of which many are successfully blurring and blending the centuries old, established line(s) between what would typically define (and separate) artist from engineer. This culmination represent a manifestation having largely been brought on as a consequence of newer developments and expanding capabilities in emerging applications derived primarily from the digital realm. Read More Here.