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In News on February 7, 2009 at 4:30 am

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“Electricity exists in our bodies and in nature Thus, it stands to reason that the eco, geo, bio and digital can live as one — symbiotically, happily, peacefully, in harmony”


E / S / P

by Max Eternity

– Electronic space Print –


Though in the Introduction of my first, peer-reviewed white paper, Collecting Digital Prints, I use a quote from a fine art print specialist, the late Yale University artist and art historian, Gabor Perterdi — because it is such a compelling statement — I feel inclined to included it in this document as well. For it is my observation that Mr. Perderdi — many years back — saw the writing on the wall; that printing and fine art prints were continuing – as they had in the past – to evolve, requiring new analytical critiques, nomenclature and identifying, attribution verbiage. In that quote, reprinted by Encyclopedia Britannica, Mr. Perterdi states:

Certain modern processes for reproducing texts and illustrations, however, are no longer dependent on the mechanical concept of pressure or even on the material concept of colouring agent. Because these processes represent an important development that may ultimately replace the other processes, printing should probably now be defined as any of several techniques for reproducing texts and illustrations, in black and in colour, on a durable surface and in a desired number of identical copies. There is no reason why this broad definition should not be retained, for the whole history of printing is a progression away from those things that originally characterized it: lead, ink, and the press.

So, is space a durable surface? Of course it is. We know this, because purchasing goods — through electronic, financial transactions — over the Internet – in Cyberspace – costs the same, renders the same result, as purchasing the same goods in person. With, information transmitted over a computer, fax or phone, being just as valid – just as durable — as information transmitted in a face-to-face conversation.

Edging our way from the ashes of manufacturing and industry — to the full embrace of intellectual property, recycling, electronic commerce and clean [weightless? Spaceless?] energy sources like solar and wind power — with the slow phasing-out of printed news, magazines, bills, contracts and ephemera — it seems we find ourselves living in an increasingly paperless world. And by all appearances these newer methods of exchange and productivity seem to be reliable, yet more efficient. At this stage, clearly there’s no turning back now. So instead of standing agape in pure speculation, denial, panic and/or paranoia, one might hold the belief that now is the time to dig in – to do the work — to invest in the intellectual challenge – so as to proactively define the fine art, electronic future in the best, most uniform, pragmatic way one knows how and is capable of.

– Max Eternity 2009

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